rRaft stands for recycledRaft, which is exactly what we're trying to construct. rRaft is a locally based recycling project whose goal is to reuse various materials in building a functional raft.

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What is rRaft?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I've finally finished and tested the raft! Everything was a great success, and you can see more pictures and how it was done at Instructables.

The instructable is entered into a contest for recycling bottles. If you'd like to register at instructables.com and vote for me, I'd really appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I was hoping you would resurrect this! I have several hundred bottle ready to go, but I'm freakin landlocked!

recycledRaft said...

Thanks! I actually entered it in a contest for recycling water bottles at instructables.com (link in the post). If you'd like to register and vote for it (starting February 2nd), I'd really appreciate it.

Do you live near any lakes or rivers? That's where I took mine.

Anonymous said...

hi, we're making a research (for school) out of your project and we kinda need your name/s to credit it :) please and thank you :)

Phil K said...

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