rRaft stands for recycledRaft, which is exactly what we're trying to construct. rRaft is a locally based recycling project whose goal is to reuse various materials in building a functional raft.

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What is rRaft?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


There's no real reason, it's just something fun and interesting to do.

How many bottles do you need?
Explained here, my goal is to collect ~1000 water bottles.

How many bottles do you have?
You can see my most recent count in the upper right hand corner of every page.

Where are you getting so many bottles?
My friends and family have been great about helping me. Multiple donors are collecting bottles at home, I bring a bag to collect at school every day, and I rummage through recycling bins every Sunday night.

What are you going to do with the raft?
My ultimate goal would be to go somewhere on it. (There are some islands able to be rented for camping) But meanwhile, I'd be content with just going out on a local lake.

When will it be done?
I'm currently in the bottle collection stage of construction, but my maiden voyage date will be posted, and documented on this website, along with all manufacturing of it.

What will the raft be named?
I'm not sure yet..and open to suggestions. One idea I'm mulling over is "Terra Softa"

Can I help?
Sure! If you know you live near me, save up your bottles, and donate them. If you don't live near me, send an encouraging note, or forward the website to your friends.

Is this a one-man project?
Not by any means! While it the brain child of Micah Weiss, I'd like to, and need to thank some of the following people:

  • Everybody who helped with collecting bottles - you know who you are
  • Everyone who has volunteered to help with construction and labor.
  • Hagen Bollen - You've been a huge help with development of ideas, and this website - thanks

Do you have an RSS feed?
Sure do! This our feed's URL:

How are you going to make it?
Our design team is currently working through a few different ideas, the most promising consisting of two detachable pontoons, and an upper deck. More info will be posted when available.

How much money will the raft cost?

Because a majority of the raft will be recycled, we hope for the costs to be next to nothing. Hardware, however, will be bought new for ease of access and safety reasons.

I'll take that as a compliment.

You'll never make it.
Maybe not, but we hope so. Continue coming back to see what progress we're making.

Didn't some guy make an island like this?
He sure did. His name is Reishee Sowa, and he lives on a homemade island consisting of 250,000 bottles.

How can I contact you?
Feel free to email me at SpeedySpud [at] gmail [dot] com

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